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Nuts are good for your gut!

How can you improve your gut health? Well evidence shows that important factors are:

  • Good fluid intake
  • Activity and exercise
  • A balanced diet 

Eating a balanced diet, with plenty of fibre, can help you to achieve regular bowel movements. These foods may help relieve mild constipation:

  • cereals 
  • fruit (especially prunes or prune juice, figs, dried fruits) 
  • vegetables 
  • nuts (including linseeds)

For severe constipation, however, fibre in some cereals, like unprocessed bran, may not help waste move through the colon any faster and could lead to bloating. Fruit, vegetables and nuts might be more helpful.!/8.%20ASCRS_Lower%20risk%20in%206%20steps.pdf?item_id=17029762&version_id=17029763

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