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At Rollagranola, we believe that everyone should eat good food with great flavours every single day.  Which is why our granolas are hand made in small batches and contain nothing processed or artificial. They're vegan, gluten-free but they do contain nuts.  Lots of them, clustered together with the finest natural ingredients. 

We have a full range of very interesting combinations and they all taste sensational so, if you're a true connoisseur of granola, check us out.  But if you're not, then maybe leave Rollagranola for those who'll really appreciate it.

Mission Statement: We want people to care about the food they eat. Consuming food with no nutritional value, full of sugar and empty calories is a reality the food industry over many years has driven alongside their profits. At Rollagranola we aim to change that and give people a choice of tasty, healthy food. 

Our Values

It’s all about fantastic food in all aspects – tasty, healthy and packed with long-lasting energy

Great ingredients – we only use ingredients we’d use when cooking for our friends & family. You get what you see, nothing less, nothing more

Adapt and innovate – our granolas have been developed by asking what consumers want - if that changes so will we

Have fun – life’s too short

Our Goal is to become the leading artisan granola brand in the UK

Things we like to shout about

- Nuttiest granola in the UK

- Paleo granola & keto granola

- Gluten-free

- Vegan products

- High energy

- All natural

- No added sugars

- No refined sugars


Building a business where people come to work excited to get stuck in and help to build a business that they want to be a part of is a challenge when building a start-up. However, we aim to build a challenging and open environment for everyone to work in where each individual has a voice and understands their role and that their role is integral to the business success.

Our Journey

The business was started after becoming disappointed with healthy breakfast options, with the understanding that the food industry aims to drive profits over product quality the goal became clear, create a quality range of products and challenge consumers to question the big brands and choose to eat better food and pay more for it.

Starting on a market stall in 2014, Rollagranola now serves over 500 independent retailers & cafes as well as supplying through various online platforms. Developing strong relationships with distributors and direct with business owners who are committed to the same goals as we are.

Care about great food and giving people better choices? Then get in touch to be a part of our journey by emailing:


Our original granola products no longer exist. We listen to customers and adapt our approach to ensure the products we create are relevant and provide customers with what they want. Maybe listening isn’t the most innovative thing we could do but for us, it means we can stay in tune with consumers and ensure we supply what they demand.

Rollagranola Pillars

Handmade by chefs - small batch production using people is unique to Rollagranola and allows us to create clusters and ensure quality nobody can rival

Epic flavours - developed in house, all products use top quality ingredients combined in a way that means these are granolas but not as you know them

Designed around customers - years spent on farmers markets talking to customers has allowed us to develop a range attune to the wants and needs of consumers today

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