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Why we need a bowl of rollagranola to get us going

Here's 10 reasons why people have said you should eat a good breakfast to start your day.
  1. Break the fast. By eating breakfast, you wake up your metabolism and get your engine humming, burning those calories you need to burn to lose weight.
  2. Eat more, weigh less. Researchers have repeatedly shown that people who eat breakfast have a better chance of losing weight and keeping it off.
  3. Are you interested in doing better at work and school? Don’t be a bed head... breakfast helps wake you up.
  4. Breakfast is your chance to eat the foods you may not eat the rest of the day. You can have whole-grain cereal and berries with non-fat milk - here is your fibre, folic acid and calcium in one easy-to-grab bowl.
  5. Skipping breakfast makes you grouchy.
  6. Cancel the Danish or sugared doughnut first thing in the morning - they cause a blood sugar dip a couple of hours later.
  7. Breakfast makes your machine run better.
  8. If you’re a parent, set a good example.
  9. If you think a cereal bar with 30 grams of sugar is a breakfast item, then think again.
  10. One more word about labels... if it says, "Nutritious," it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. Cereal manufacturers are experts in marketing…

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