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Going Organic - Organic & Nutty with Rollagranola Founder

In a recent report by The Guardian, it was stated that last year sales of organic food and drink rose by a huge 4.5% in the UK! In fact, the sector has been on an upward trajectory for over eight years with consumers turning organic for a number of reasons, including climate change, supporting local farmers and shopping local. With this in mind our newest product, Organic & Nutty celebrates organic ingredients to satisfy the growing demand of our brilliant customers. We spoke to our founder, Robin Longden about the exciting new product and it’s journey to market...


        1. When did the idea for creating an organic granola come about?
We’ve always thought that going organic was a good idea but when we started the business the demand for organic products was low. We never wanted to be elitist, we knew our product would be expensive and so the idea of an organic premium was one we found unacceptable. We were coming out of the economic crisis and the cost of organic materials made the cost to the consumer too high.

 Since then, we’ve had an increasing number of customers ask about organic and of course, higher demand means that we can buy higher volumes of nuts and seeds reducing the premium price for organic right down. Increasingly customers are looking at eating more healthily and see organic as shorthand for food that hasn’t been ‘messed around with’. Putting these things together we decided now was the time to commit and make a good nutty organic granola without a premium price tag.


        2. What are the ingredients in Organic & Nutty?

Organic Gluten Free Jumbo Oats

We chose these particular oats as they are whole with a slightly nutty flavour, very little dust and a good texture.


The Nuts - Almonds, Brazils and Cashews

Most nuts are generally high in antioxidants and healthy oils and fats. Almonds bring protein, cashews can boost the immune system while bringing texture and flavour and brazil nuts can reduce cholesterol, also adding a nutty rounded crunch!

Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated and flaked this brings flavour, texture and fibre and also may have benefits for heart health, circulation and possibly even weight loss.

The Seeds - Sunflower & Pumpkin

Aside from fibre, nutrients and visual appeal, pumpkin seeds have a wide range of other potential health benefits. Sunflower seeds have a delicate nutty taste, are high in polyunsaturated fats and may also help lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. 

The Sweet Bit - Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar has a light delicate flavour and the level of sweetness means an overall low sugar content for the granola can be achieved

The Fruit – Raisins

Raisins bring a touch of occasional sweetness and a juicy texture whilst also aiding digestion and adding iron to the diet.

Sunflower Oil

Known as a ‘good oil’, sunflower oil is readily available as an organic ingredient and can help heart health, lower cholesterol and aid digestion.


        3. What are the key differences between Organic & Nutty and other Rollagranola products?

We have kept this very simple. Organic & Nutty is an uncomplicated granola that we hope people can use in multiple ways; both as a breakfast cereal and to mix with other foods like smoothies, porridge, ice cream etc.  There are no spices added, the sugar content is around 10% and the nuts are left whole. Our range of conventional granolas has some more esoteric elements such as spinach and spices but we kept this one simple to allow our customers to create their own recipes! 


        4. Do you think it's important for consumers to consider buying organic? If so, why?

Yes, we originally founded the business to provide people with choice and the organic movement is underpinned by such ethical values. Many organic suppliers are small businesses with dedicated individuals and a strong ethos and we are here to support them. Our goal is to provide organic food as a clear alternative to mainstream products. Though it is not for us to pass judgement on people’s eating habits, we hope that people will make their own decisions when it comes to food choices and it’s our aim to let people know what is in their food before they buy it.


         5. Are there any more organic products in the Rollagranola pipeline? 

 These are early days. Ideally we would like to develop a range of 3 products however we will listen to consumer feedback following the launch of Organic & Nutty. We have some exciting ideas but the consumer is the most important contributor to any decision!

So if supporting small food producers while knowing exactly what goes into your granola sounds like something you’d like to try, you can shop Organic & Nutty here.


We would also love to hear your feedback and see your Organic & Nutty recipes so please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing

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