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RollaGranola. We promise you won't be disappointed

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At Rollagranola, we believe that some traditions are worth sticking with - like making promises that stand the test of time.

That's why we've dedicated ourselves to crafting the finest granola using only the highest quality ingredients. Our commitment to quality is rooted in years of experience and refinement.

We've tested and improved our recipes at market stalls and beyond, always striving to find new favourites that meet our, and your, exacting standards

The result is a low-sugar, gluten-free granola that's both delicious and nutritious, packed with wholesome energy to nourish your body and your gut.

No compromise on ingredients. No compromise on taste. Just pure, wholesome granola that you can feel good about eating.

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Not Your Average Cereal

It's a celebration of flavour and texture, packed with whole grains, nuts, seeds, and fruits that will make your taste buds hum with luxurious delight.

But what really sets us apart is our commitment to joy, unlike other granolas that are packed with added sugars and artificial flavours, ours is what we call Proper Granola. A source of all the nutrition you need to start your day off right giving you the energy for the day as well as a meal that is truly enjoyable and healthy.

Rolla Gurantee Guarantee Image

Spending years developing our products means we know what you want and we know how to make exceptional granola.

There's a lot of effort & love that goes into making our proper granolas. It's not just a product, but a collection of recipes created, tried and tested by our family through the years to make sure that we only offer our customers exactly what we would want to eat.

We will keep making our granola the same way that we have done since we started selling it in the market stalls all those years ago:

Low sugar, gluten free & full of wholesome energy to nourish you & your gut.

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Where We Started

From 2014-2016 we sold on market stalls exclusively, this first few years gave us the contact with consumers we needed to understand the issues they had with current products and how we could deliver what they do want.


Rollagranola was born


We sold on market stalls exclusively, this first few years gave us the contact with consumers we needed to understand the issues they had with current products and how we could deliver what they do want.


We opened our factory and moved out of Robins kitchen and started selling to farmshops and deli’s


We expanded our independent retailer footprint to over 200 independent retailers and achieved our first listings with wholesalers THS (RIP) and CLF and started to sell into the food service sector producing granola for Joe & the Juice.

Zero Waste business starts.


Continue to increase our retail footprint and achieved listings with: Ocado and started selling on Amazon along with more development into the food service sector


Covid hits:, Amazon and Ocado grow by over 300% in sales.

We expand our factory into another 2500 Sq.ft of production space taking the total to 5000 Sq.ft.

Start selling zero waste to Good Club – Now Dizzie


start producing for other brands overseas


Achieve production of over 2500Kg/day and continue to expand retail and online sales presence in the UK

2022 & Beyond

The journey continues...

Meet the team

Rolla Team Member


CEO and founder

I launched Rollagranola to bring a truly sensational granola to the market that gave consumers a great start to the day with incredible taste and only the best ingredients - great tasting food that’s truly enjoyable to eat. I am passionate about traditional home style food that delivers nutritional and health benefits with natural ingredients and flavours that you will enjoy.

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Though starting a granola business does consume a huge amount of my time I remain a keen rugby fan (played up to the age of 36), run a few marathons a year, the latest Rome marathon on 19th March 23, I'm a foodie, a parent with 3 grown up ‘kids’ and now a granddaughter. Skiing is a real passion and mine and I enjoy staying on top of latest news and affairs. 

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Rolla Team Member


Managing Director

I started working at Rollagranola full time with an ambition to bring epic breakfast experiences to people across the UK. Emulating a lot of Robins values but contrasting in many means we constantly challenge the business to be the best it can be. 

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My wife Sarah (who also works for Rollagranola) and I have a young daughter who takes up most of my spare time, where I do get a second I love a good pub, beers and pizza (in that order). I love staying active and play rugby, enjoy Crossfit as well as running and skiing. 

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