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Museli vs Granola

What is the difference between granola and muesli? It is a popular question and a good one given the similarity between the two. So let’s take a closer look.

It may surprise you that granola and muesli have been around for a long time as both were sold in the 1800s, albeit in a slightly different form. They are incredibly similar in content, but there is one part of the manufacturing process that defines one from the other. Granola and muesli are both made from oats, nuts, seeds and fruits with each of them providing us with a healthy breakfast option. However, muesli is too dry to eat on its own and is often soaked in advance of consumption while granola is ready to eat straight out of the packaging. The difference is that granola is cooked and, as a result, is formed into clusters that are sweet and crunchy. Purely on taste, granola comes out on top and has the added benefit of providing a convenient energy snack when needed throughout the day.

It is often argued that muesli is healthier, simply because the granola production process relies on sugar to provide its sweetness. That is undoubtedly true of many mass-produced granola brands sold in supermarkets. At Rollagranola, though, we pride ourselves on using only the finest natural ingredients, and we do not add any refined sugar to our products. The sweetness is provided by the fruit that we add to the mix, like in our Cool Raspberry Granola. In other granolas, such as our best-selling  Zesty Caveman Granola, we use natural maple syrup which contains over twenty antioxidants and perfectly complements the apple, nuts, pumpkin seeds and other ingredients.

The bottom line is that both granola and muesli are packed full of protein, good carbohydrates and lots of nutrients. For convenience and taste satisfaction, however, granola is a clear winner. Why not order some and see for yourself?

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