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Nutritious and Delicious: A closer look at Cool Raspberry Granola

This month, Dana, our resident nutritionist, has taken a closer look at our Cool Raspberry Granola's health benefits. An immensely nutty granola with 40% of it made up from a finely tuned quartet of nuts; it also packs a punch with its fruity flavour. We know that it has a great taste, but how good is it for us and what are the real advantages of eating it as far as our bodies are concerned?

Dana has picked out three Cool Raspberry Granola ingredients for special attention: macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, and raspberries.

Macadamias are not in the top five when it comes to nut popularity which is a bit of a surprise given their rich, smooth buttery taste. They deserve to be right up there from a health perspective, though, as they are high in fibre and protein. A 2007 study found that macadamias help lower some risk markers for heart disease within four weeks and contain a type of vitamin E that could have anti-cancer abilities. In short, this underrated nut is pure gold from a nutritional point of view.

It wasn’t long ago that pumpkin seeds were often discarded as waste, yet today they enjoy a growing reputation as a ‘superfood’. And it is not hard to see why when you look at Dana’s data. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and are perfect for warding off non-beneficial gut bacteria, fungal overgrowth and viruses that may enter our bodies. Pumpkin seeds contain plenty of phosphorus, which is critical for every cell's existence in our bodies, helping us keep our energy levels up.

Fresh raspberries help give this granola its distinctive fruity flavour, but they are not just there for their taste. Research shows that raspberries can potentially help with obesity management while their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory attributes mean that they have anti-cancer benefits.

As you can see, there is much more to our Cool Raspberry Granola than you might think. Take a look at Dana’s full report while enjoying a smoothie or yoghurt topped with this delicious granola.

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