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Introducing Nootropics

helping you to be the best version of yourself

vegan, low sugar, gluten-free, natural

Introducing our new line of nootropic granola, crafted to empower your fullest potential.

Each product caters to diverse aspirations, with names reflecting their unique qualities. Handcrafted with love at our family-run business, our granola embodies excellence. We meticulously select high-quality natural ingredients for an exceptional sensory experience.

Our gluten-free, refined sugar-free products let you indulge without compromising well-being. Enjoy with milk/yogurt or as a mid-morning/evening snack.

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Body & Soul

A wellbeing granola to help you feel more you everyday.

This granola is stacked with ingredients aimed to target everything you need to be you. Focusing on boosting memory, mood, stamina, as well as reducing anxiety levels, RollaGranola’s Body & Soul works to give you a flavour-filled experience that serves you beyond the first bite. 

Our Body & Soul stack is jam-packed with our very special blend of 100% natural superfoods including maca root, ginkgo and ginseng plants which all work together to help you fuel your best self.


Granola to help promote a calm mindset and reduce stress.

Our Calm stack is purpose built to empower you in navigating life’s challenges. Kick-start your day with this delightful gluten free breakfast granola crafted to equip you with the calm mindset needed to conquer stress, foster positivity and unleash your full potential.

This granola contains natural ingredients such as Ashwagandha and Lysine that are proven to lower your cortisol levels, making you more equipped to manage stress levels. These are lovingly blended with Matcha Green Tea and Lions Mane which work to improve and maintain your feel-good mood all day.

complete vegan

A granola with all the essential nutrients vegans need but won’t get from their diet

The Completely Vegan stack is loaded with all the essential ingredients to help you beat energy crashes and keep you going for longer! We understand that a vegan diet can sometimes lead to energy slumps, which is why our Rollagranola Completely Vegan is here to rescue you from fatigue. 

Our vegan granola is enriched with a powerhouse combination of B-Vitamins, protein-yeast supplement, and iodized salt, all wrapped up in a heavenly package. This dynamic trio ensures you receive the necessary nutrients to fuel your body and keep you going strong.


Granola to help focus your mind and perform at your peak.

Introducing our enhanced Energize Granola Stack – your ultimate solution for achieving unparalleled focus and prolonged productivity. Experience a delectable and invigorating start to your day that will leave you feeling refreshed. 

Our meticulously crafted Energize stack encompasses a harmonious blend of revitalising natural ingredients, meticulously selected to optimise your performance throughout the day. Indulge in a delightful symphony of flavours that not only delivers a sustained boost but also tantalises your taste buds.

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