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With so many different granolas available why choose Rollagranola?

This is unsurprisingly a question we hear a lot.

Rollagranola was founded on a simple premise, that better ingredients would result in a better product. We decided to make a nuttier granola.

ask yourself one question:

Do you care about the quality of food you eat? We don’t just mean is it full of sugar or not (most other granolas are) it’s about enjoying the taste, how you feel after you’ve eaten your breakfast and for the rest of the day. Everything that goes into your body impacts your mood, energy levels and general well-being, so why would you want to choose anything less than Rollagranola?

early decisions

A few decisions were made early in the Rollagranola journey and we stick to those today:

• Nuts are the most important part of the product and will be a main ingredient in all products (products contain 19%-44% nuts)

• Refined sugar won't be used and fruit will be used to sweeten where it can be

• Flavour is a must, as a family of foodies the Longden's couldn't bear the thought of a bland breakfast cereal

• Products will be inherently healthy, not because we are adding 'superfoods' to the products or using trendy ingredients but because every ingredient we use is good for you

• Customers come first - all products have been developed around what customers asked for

• We will be honest and upfront about what we do

• Be environmentally aware 


Nuts have been proven to have a whole host of health benefits and have been linked to studies which show lower risks of heart disease, better brain health and general immune system health. On top of this, nuts are a great source of healthy fats which your body needs to run on a daily basis, they give long-lasting energy and help you feel fuller for longer due to the high levels of fibre and fat.


We choose to use fruits to provide sweetness and in some products there is some added sugar like maple syrup. Sweetness from fruit gives more than sweetness and provides flavour as well, the fibre in the fruit means the sugar doesn't hit your blood stream in one big hit and means you receive sugars over a longer period of time, meaning you feel better and healthier throughout the day. 

Healthy food

Using natural ingredient to create great flavour means spending more on ingredients and believe it is important to provide products which are naturally healthier and better, while this does come at a premium cost we think the value of a healthy diet is worth it and hope you do too.


Our packaging is all eco-friendly. We chose to invest in compostable packaging material so we are not adding to the plastic floating around in our seas/landfill sites so you can be sure when you buy Rollagranola you're waste can be recycled (outer box) and the inner bag can go. indoor regular bin (or compost heap) to break-down.


 Customers helped us right at the start by telling us what they wanted and how we could fit their lifestyle, we do everything we can to make sure we don't let people down and try to be as available to answer emails and phone calls promptly. 


Working openly and honestly comes naturally to the team at Rollagranola and ensuring that flows through to the business ethos is really important.

At Rollagranola we put the product first

We choose to use lots of nuts, fruits, seeds, gluten-free oats – only natural wholesome ingredients and we use a range of all of these, alone they are great for you but you know what they say about too much of a good thing, for us it’s about a great mix of fantastic quality ingredients which gives our unique flavours and textures along with the associated energy, long-term health benefits and general happy demeanour of the Rollagranola eater.

We believe these principles give us something other brands and products can't compete with. The flavours in our products are different and make use of ingredients which nobody else is using, the naturally good ingredients we use mean you will feel fuller for longer, enjoy having more energy throughout the day and give your immune system a boost. So for us breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. 

These principles have guided us to where we are today, we consistently look to innovate with our products and how we operate as a business, we may fall down from time-to-time but try to hold our hands up when we do, learn and move on. 

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