Zero Waste

At Rollagranola, we are committed to making a difference and bringing positivity to everything we do - whether that’s making extraordinary granola with ingredients of the highest order, or using fully compostable bags to stock our granola.
It’s almost impossible these days to shield your eyes from the glaring danger that plastic has on our world. Whether it’s daily news headlines, fantastic documentaries on TV or you may well have seen with your own eyes the devastation that non-recyclable material has on our planet.
Then along came the winged saviours of Zero Waste! An army of eco-warriors wanting to make a difference and change the way we live and think for the better. You have undoubtably seen one pop up near you - tall gravity jars filled with rice, glass jars holding sweet treats and dispensers pouring your washing detergents - without an ounce of non-recyclable plastic in sight!
We visited a few of the stores and were blown away by what they were doing. Eager to get involved, we soon stocked our granola in them - delivering our product in bags that we ourselves have received our ingredients in.
Now, we have now have ever growing number of stores which we work with to get Rollagranola in to your homes with the minimum impact on our planet!


Visit our stockists page to discover the nearest Zero Waste store to you!

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