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5 Quick Ways You Can Go Green!

With a huge eco-movement sweeping the world, we’re delighted that things are starting to be done to try and halt this climate crisis - but there is a long way to go.

At Rollagranola, we’ve changed the way we do things. The inner bag that you tear open to get to those precious clusters used to be plastic but now? We’ve dumped that for ‘Nature Flex’ - a material made using plant fibre - pretty awesome huh? It now means from the carton to the nut - we wont leave a trace! 

We’re also super stoked to have launched an initiative with our Zero Waste Retailers - we supply them with our granola-y goodness and various other ingredients in reusable tubs! It’s gone down a storm and we’re currently expanding the routes to get all parties on board.

But what can we all do, as consumers, to do our bit for the environment? If we all make changes we can make a difference. 

Reusable Shopping Bags - This one might seem obvious and loads of us do it already but it’s probably the quickest win to saying no to single-use plastic. Attach them to your keys, shove them in your favourite coat or shove them in your socks - whatever you do, don’t forget them!

Shop Zero Waste - So exciting! If you haven’t already been to one, get it on your to-do-list for this weekend. Serious levels of hunter-gatherer, you’ll be amazed by the plethora in them! If you think they stop at rice and beans, think again! Household goods like dishwasher tablets to shampoo, recycled toilet roll to make up pads, along with heaps of fresh fruit and veg, dried nuts and seeds and so much more. Check out our stockists page to find your local store

Reusable Straws - A massive contributor to single-use plastic waste, straws are an absolute no-go when it comes to living green! There are now a bucket load of alternatives that you can invest in and suck away! We use Stainless Steel straws which are super easy to clean and you can pop them into your bag wherever you go!

Charity Shops - The maths is simple - if you repeatedly reuse stuff, it’s not going to landfill and it’s not polluting the planet. Charity shops are a fantastic way to keep green and pick up a bargain!

Shop Seasonally - Seems obvious but we should be doing it way more than we currently do. Buying seasonal fruit and veg quashes the need for crazy air-miles and often packaging too! Not only are you doing your bit for the environment but you also end up trying out loads of new foods!

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