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Gluten Free Made Easy!

With many of us now endeavouring to go Gluten Free, whether that’s by choice or not, the world of food can feel like it’s rapidly shrinking. Fear not! With a plethora of substitutes and naturally gluten free foods available, getting clued up on the do’s and don’t’s can make your life that bit easier.

Here are our 5 top tips to make gluten free easy:

  • There are a load of foods which naturally don’t contain any gluten - Fruit and vegetables, meats, eggs and most cheeses can still be enjoyed without fear of running into gluten. These are great to centre your meals around!
  • With a growing number of people going gluten free, there are now a wide range of alternatives to those which typically contain gluten readily available. From breads to cereals (and granola!) and from pasta to crackers, next time you’re on your food shop look out for the alternatives and give them a try
  • Always read the label! A note to always remember - products which you automatically assume won’t contain gluten sometimes do! Due to the law on allergens, any ingredient containing gluten should be written in bold for you to easily pick up and swerve.
  • Being gluten free does not mean that you can’t enjoy great food! We are so passionate about making delicious food universally available for all which is why we keep gluten out of all of our products. Many like-minded businesses do the same across all food and drink - give them a try!
  • Create your own gluten free masterpieces! Be brave in the kitchen, with so many alternatives available, don’t be afraid to substitute the normal options - you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how good it can be!

In truth, it used to be the case that having an allergy, or choosing to go gluten free, used to be a nightmare. With no alternatives available and little to no information on how to, not only survive, but enjoy food as much (if not more) as before. With times thankfully changing and help at hand, it’s a great opportunity for us all to have beautiful food without the exclusivity!

 Let us know your own gluten free tips or even recipes!

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