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Benefits of Granola for Breakfast

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but this belief has been a bowl of contention amongst dieticians and scientists for years. An estimated two-thirds of adults in the UK eat breakfast and, if you are one of them, the most important thing to consider is what you eat and how that prepares your body for the day that lies in front of you. What is not in doubt at all though is that granola is one of the most nutritious, healthy and energising breakfasts available.

Choosing what to eat first thing in the day can be a bit of a minefield, however, and many people are unaware of how high the sugar content is in many supermarket-bought cereals. Did you know, for example, that sugar is the largest ingredient in the majority of flaked cereals? At Rollagranola, we don’t use the ‘S’ word and, consequently, you won’t find a grain of refined sugar in any of our products. This makes our handcrafted granola a genuinely healthy choice to start your day.

Granola is rich in proteins, fibre, slow-release carbohydrates, healthy fats and nutrients that can kick start your metabolism, give you the energy to get things done and help face whatever the day hurls in your direction.

A high protein breakfast like granola can be beneficial in reducing food cravings later on in the day, which makes it a powerful friend in the war against weight gain. But granola does far more than help anyone who wants to lose a few pounds, as it can also be good for your digestion, balancing the nervous system, contributing to lower cholesterol and can even promote healthy skin and hair.

Nuts, walnuts in particular, are acknowledged as being good for our brains while hazelnuts can be extremely good for maintaining cardiovascular health. Take our Healthy Hazelnut Granola, for example, which contains 37% nuts and blends hazelnuts with fruit and almonds to create something that is not only very good for you but tastes terrific as well.

Why not start your day the granola way?
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