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Easter Bunnies, Buns and Granola

Easter provides us with an excellent opportunity to overindulge, with Hot Cross Buns, chocolate eggs or bunnies and sumptuous feasts all on the 2021 menu. Easter is a religious festival for many of us, but this time of year was one of celebration even in pagan times. The spring equinox was a joyous festival of regrowth and new birth, and it is even thought that early civilisations made buns to mark the event. Today, though, there is a very good chance that we will suffer from refined sugar overload. And why not? This year, in particular, we have had a long winter and need cheering up, even if we still have to be socially distanced.

But we still need to maintain a healthy balance in our diet, even on big feast days when the calorie count threatens to reach cosmic proportions. Fortunately, humble granolas are on hand to help. Breakfast is a perfect opportunity to get some nutrition and fibre into the body before the feasting begins, so why not kick off with your favourite smoothy topped with some granola. Our own Caveman’s Dream is a perfect choice for this as it has a dash of cinnamon that provides the taste of Easter. At the same time, its sumptuous blend of apple, coconut and pumpkin seeds together with a triumvirate of silky tasting nuts enable you to get the day off to a luxurious but guilt-free start.

A perennial favourite with children at Easter, apart from chocolate eggs, is Cornflake or Rice Krispie cakes, topped with a mini-egg. These are so simple to make yet are guaranteed to satisfy. Recipes abound on the internet if you don’t already have one, but have you ever tried making them with granola rather than Cornflakes or Krispies? It takes these little cakes to another level and certainly gives them the wow factor. Again, Caveman’s Dream is a great base ingredient, or you could try using our Indulgent Bundle, which contains Pecan Maple Twist and Organic & Nutty granolas, as well as Caveman's Dream.
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