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Let The Good Times Rollagranola

Our roadmap to normality has reached a significant milestone as we can once again enjoy many of the things that have been inaccessible to us over the last six months or so. A trip to the shops, enjoying a meal out, socialising with friends at the pub or having our hair done are among the things that we have been denied. These are everyday activities that we used to take for granted, but now we realise just how precious they are to us and even how good they are for us. Going to the pub is not something that springs to mind as being particularly beneficial to our well-being, but socialising helps to sharpen our memory and boost our cognitive skills. As many have sadly found out, a lack of socialising can lead to loneliness, depression and mental health issues. Retail therapy is another activity that can be fun and have a positive influence on our mood, especially when picking up a bargain. An appointment with the hairdresser is also an eagerly anticipated treat, especially for people who live alone, and provides a definite feel-good effect.

The easing of restrictions, combined with an increase in daylight hours and the return of the warm sun on our backs, is helping to rebalance our lives. As well as encouraging nature to grow anew and blossom, the changing of the seasons can also stimulate the hedgerows of our minds.

Spending more time outdoors at this time of year is crucial to our well-being as exposure to sunlight enables the skin to produce Vitamin D, which helps maintain healthy bones and muscles. Also known as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’, it helps boost our immune system, regulate mood, and even help with weight loss. We can also absorb Vitamin D in supplement form through fortified milk or yoghurt (dairy or non-dairy), making granola topped smoothies or breakfast bowls of our favourite granola even more nutritious and healthy.

There are so many reasons to look forward to what will hopefully be a memorable spring and summer. Whatever you chose to do, we hope you enjoy yourself and that it puts a happy smile on your face.

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