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The World & the Most Important Meal of the Day

With the prospect of a summer holiday becoming more and more unlikely, here at Rollagranola we’ve been bringing you recipes and inspiration from across the globe to try and help you through the lockdown. An important tool for helping concentration and providing energy and as advocates for always eating breakfast, this week we’re looking at how the world enjoys the most important meal of the day.


Starting off with one of our favourites, you’ll probably have already heard of the famous Israeli breakfast, Shakshuka. Becoming increasingly popular on brunch menus across the U.K., the name ‘Shakshuka’ translates to ‘all mixed up’ referring to the healthy combination of tomatoes, herbs, onions, peppers and eggs all baked together in an iron pan. As its exact origin is unknown, the beauty of this dish is that by combining various herbs and vegetables, you can easily add your own twist. We love this quick traditional Middle Eastern recipe, but why not try with a handful of our granola crumbled on top for added crunch?


Elsewhere in Turkey, breakfast is an even more elaborate occasion. Known as ‘Kahvalti’ the country’s traditional morning spread includes an array of breads, cheeses, olives, jams and honey alongside eggs and sliced meats, perfect for bringing people together and grazing. Why not try creating your own Kahvalti breakfast at home to keep family mealtimes exciting during isolation?


Across the pond in Italy, you’d be correct in thinking that a strong coffee is often the simple but staple start to the day for locals. Nevertheless, the espresso it is often accompanied by a sweet pastry such as Sfogliatelle. Originating from the southwest Campania region, its layers of pastry filled with cream are sure to provide the strong sugary hit you might need to start the day. Though at Rollagranola we would usually suggest a more balanced breakfast, this recipe from Great Italian Chefs provides the perfect weekend quarantine treat for a true taste of Italia!


In Iceland, the day often begins with a punchy shot of cod liver oil. A popular supplement in the Icelandic diet since the early 1900’s, it is believed fish oil with it's high levels of omega-3 fatty acids is linked to reduced inflammation and lowering blood pressure. It also contains vitamins A and D. While this might not sound appetising, the good news is that it is often followed by a big bowl of Skyr. A Greek-style traditional Icelandic yogurt, Skyr is often served topped with a choice of fruit, nuts and tasty granola; an easy combination to try at home.


For something more savoury, look to the breakfast menus of Japan, where many ingredients seem just as well suited to lunch or dinner. Steamed rice, miso soup and grilled fish are all popular morning meals. Nevertheless, if this doesn’t sound appealing why not try starting the day with a cup of green tea. A century-old Japanese tradition, drinking green tea is not only believed to promote good health but is a sign of hospitality when offered to visitors.


Of course, this wouldn’t be a breakfast breakdown without mentioning the Full English; a great British tradition that you don’t need to travel far to recreate. Although the combination of bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms and even additions such as baked beans and black pudding might seem heavy, if you choose fresh local ingredients, the mixture of protein and fat is sure to keep you full of energy all day long.

Finally, for a slightly lighter breakfast that’s packed with goodness (without all the cooking), shop our range of delicious granolas here and don’t forget to tag us in your culinary creations @rollgranola.

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