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Smoothie Bowl Tips by Sabine Kviste

Sabine AKA Mermaid in Disguise loves a smoothie bowl and has given us a sneak peek into her process for making the dremiest breakfast bowls! Read on to hear her top tips.
Here are my 8 tips for a good smoothie bowl:


  1. Swap out your milks for coconut water, especially if you use plant based milks as they can be quite watery. It actually works really well in chocolaty recipes. Coconut water is full of vitamins and minerals and the minimal amount of sugar in it will help with the consistency of the smoothie, making it more thick and creamy. Yum! 
  2. Cacao nibs = heaven. I usually chuck them in at the end and blend them for a few seconds. They will add a chocolaty crunch and take your smoothie bowl to the next level. You can thank me later!
  3. Avocado vs Banana. I always choose one or both (if I feel adventurous) for the base of my smoothies. Fats and sugars will always help out with the consistency. If you haven’t tried avocado in your smoothie you’re missing out!! 
  4. Frozen over fresh. Let’s be honest we want the smoothie to be as close to an ice cream as possible. A great way to do that is by using refrigerated liquids (milk, juice, coconut water etc) and frozen fruit. Also keeping your fruit frozen is so convenient. It means you can have a variety of fruit on hand and whip up ice crea...I mean.. smoothie bowl for any occasion. Save those fresh berries for the toppings!
  5. Protein powder for the win! When I make my smoothie bowls I strive for perfection (Emphasis on strive as I`m dedicated, yet clumsy). Not only are they nutrient dense but I like to keep the macros (Protein/Fats/Carbs) balanced too, making it a deliciously filling meal. Try out different protein powders. I generally find that whey protein will whip up easier and that vegan protein will flat out a little more as the powder is usually denser. I recommend having Vanilla and Chocolate flavours on hand but you do YOU!
  6. Add nut butters! If you’re not too big on protein powders this will add more flavour, nutrients and thicken that baby up!   
  7. Load it up with superfoods and healthy add ons! If not now? When? Spirulina, Maca, Baobab, Hemp seeds, Flax seeds, Ceylon Cinnamon, Turmeric, Chia seeds, Wheatgrass, Dates, Bee pollen... the possibilities are endless. Not only do we want to fill up on antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods but also increase our fiber intake. My biggest secret is Inulin powder. It is super high in prebiotic fiber and low in calories. Add it in for more sweetness and improve your digestive health one smoothie bowl at a time. 
  8. Make it beautiful! Listen, if nothing goes to plan, everything can be saved with toppings!! I am all about mindful eating. Try and engage all your senses through colour, texture, temperature and smell. So It`s time to bring out those berries, fresh banana, coconut chips, seeds, nuts, edible flowers, drizzle some honey, nut butter or chocolate sauce and finally sprinkle the heavenly RollaGranola (which is non-negotiable in my household). 
That`s it! 
On a side note- I totally had an epiphany while writing this. There is something that I want you to remember...The only thing that makes someone a smoothie bowl expert is having a blender. Otherwise you can`t really apply any of my tips. So If you have read this far, I assume (from your interest) you have one, which means you`re 99% there. Welcome to the club!
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