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Healthy snacking with wild trail mix

It is now well over a century ago that the American travel writer, Horace Kephart, came up with the idea of a Trail Mix as an energising snack. In one of his books, he suggested that hikers take with them a ‘handful each of shelled nuts and raisins, with a cake of sweet chocolate’ for handy sustenance. Snacks may well have come a long way since then, but Horace’s concept remains as good today as it was in the early 1900s. A good Trail Mix combines carbs, unsaturated fats and proteins that provide a much-needed boost on a break from exercising. Of course, you don’t have to be hiking vigorously over the countryside to benefit from this healthy combination of nuts and fruits. COVID-19 has resulted in our outdoor exercise options being reduced. However, a good walk around your neighbourhood once a day is still highly recommended and taking a bag of Trail Mix with you can provide your body with the nutrients that it needs to help keep you healthy.

However, not all Trail Mixes are as good for you as you might think with the sugar and calorie content in some significantly reducing their nutritional benefits, chiefly where Horace’s suggestion of ‘sweet chocolate is concerned’. Make sure it contains dark chocolate, as long as it is at least 70% cocoa, which is packed with antioxidants and is a great ingredient if you are creating your Trail Mix from scratch. Many people create their own Trail Mix with a granola base and then build on that by adding dried fruits and dark chocolate chips. You could always use our Absolutely Chocolate Granola as your base ingredient, which contains 100% cocoa chocolate.

If you prefer your Trail Mix ‘ready to go’, Rollagranola has created a small but perfectly formed range that suits every taste. Our Berry & Coconut Wild Trail Mix, for example, has cashews and macadamia nuts as well as a blitz of berries that enable you to deservedly reward yourself after a good walk without feeling guilty about it. Or why not try our Sweet & Salty or Salt & Pepper wild trail mixes. They are, quite literally, little bags of energy.

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