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What’s happening at Rollagranola
(May 2021)

What a year it’s been so far, Rollagranola continues to weather the storm of Covid-19 and despite the struggles being faced we managed to expand and grow. This is the first of our monthly updates where we’ll give you, our nutty fans an insight into our world through the eyes of our founder and CEO Robin Longden.

Recent Factory Expansion

Recently we’ve expanded our factory so we can keep the homemade nature at the heart of what we do. We now have more space but are filling it quickly.

We know that striking the balance between selling more and keeping the product quality is a difficult job, we just aim to try harder every day. For us, this means expanding and investing in the right kit.

Luckily this doesn’t mean fancy machines but bigger versions of our current ones, unluckily this means we will never see the same economy of scale as some of the bigger brands who churn out tonnes of granola/hour but I guess we are OK with that really.

So, to expand we’ve hired two fantastic new employees and are searching for another one as we speak - know anyone who might be interested let us know!

We’ve bought another oven which will double the throughput in the factory and allow us to bring more nutty, natural granola to your breakfast tables.

And we’ve doubled our floorspace by taking two new units adjacent to our current/old unit.


What does this mean for us moving forward?

We see organic as an important area to start moving into, we launched our Organic & Nutty Granola last year to show people that great, nutty organic granola doesn’t have to cost more and people love it, so we’ll be developing our own organic capacity alongside a range we are now producing for Danish Coffee Chain, GRØD – check them out here:

We support a bunch of great zero waste entrepreneurs who have invested in shops without packaging, this is developing fast and we now deliver to 80 shops that are committed to reducing their food packaging waste while still serving up great food.

Later this year we will launch a new product which will focus on low sugar (of course we won’t be sacrificing on taste) and have lots of new lines trickling down our development pipeline so watch out for new launches. Unfortunately, this will mean saying goodbye to some family favourites, we’ll let you know about these ahead of time so you can stock up while you still can.

We'd love to hear from you on what we’re doing well and not so well so please get in touch and let us know what you’d love to see from us.



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