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How to make your work lunch tastier

Lunch at school was always my favourite time of the day, the food was actually pretty good and was always good to catch up with friends.. but now, my half an hour lunch break is dull with leftovers from the night before or a sandwich that couldn't look less appetising if it tried.. although recently I have discovered these hacks that brought joy to me and my stomach!

1. Plate it up!

The simple thing of just having your lunch on a plate can immediately make your meal tastier and seem like a proper meal rather than a snack out of a plastic box. 

2. Secret Stash 

If you're lucky enough to have drawers at your desk why not dedicate a little space to some sauces. Personally recommend some soy sauce for the leftover noodle lovers or kick things up a notch with some hot sauce. 

3. Try and Step away from the microwave 

Microwaves are bloody amazing but it does remind you that you are having reheated food. Make yourself a small cheese and charcuterie plate paired with a hunk of baguette. You might even feel like you’re on holiday

4. Salad Hack 

Top your salad right before eating! Topping a salad at the start of the day will only leave you with a sad mount of wilted leaves come lunch time- I learnt the hard way... 

5. Move away from your computer

If you're reading this on your lunch break STOP and enjoy your food!

6. Graze Away 

Whats more perfect for snacking than our granola!! Along with your secret sauce stash why not keep a secret granola stash. Tip: Our Savoury granola makes the perfect salad topper!  

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