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Meal Prep Hacks

We’ve just started meal prepping in the hope to get those supposed ‘summer bodies’ but really we just want to be healthier and have our lunches ready for the week (and again to have some extra time in bed)


These beginner hacks will definitely help those just starting to meal prep!


  1. Have the right containers!

We have personally loved using glass or silicone containers that are easily transferable from freezer, microwave/oven,  dishwasher rather that cheap plastic ones which can melt and change shape. They may be more expensive but worth investing in. as well as buying product specific containers such as ones that let airflow in for vegetables


  1. Prepare simple ingredients in advance that you can repurpose in different ways throughout the week.

Preparing chicken breasts can be used for a range of different things such as sandwiches, protein for vegetables, with noodles or shredded with bbq sauce. Rather than a casserole which can only be used as a casserole.


  1. Follwing the formula: two proteins, four vegetables, and one starch.

Preparing two proteins each week and one being meatless to help eat more plants. Along with a batch of a single startch such as whole grains. And at least 4 vegetables.


  1. Check your schedule!

Wasting food is wasting money and time! Always check your schedule before grocery shopping and adjust the amount of food to accommodate your meals.


  1. Get clued up!

Getting ill when youre trying to be healthy isnt exaclty ideal… cooking and large batches for longer periods of time ups the risk of foodborne illness


I like to refer these as Dua Lipa’s ‘New (healthy) rules’

 Rule #1 always divide food into small containers and put it straight into the fridge or freezer.

Rule #2 keep raw and cooked foods separate to prevetn cross-contamination. An obvious one really

Rule #3 Most leftovers last or 3 to 4 days in the fridge. Guideline recommnendations are worth a look at, especially when reheating!


  1. One pan meal?

Cooking proteins, startches and vegetables all at once is such a good time saver such as burrito bowls.


  1. Sauce it up

Use spices, sauces and marinades to mix up your meals. Like in the post before use your sauce draw to stock some toppings ane flavours for meals.


  1. Shortcut central

Short for time and don’t want to prepare delicious chicken- a rotisserie chicken is perfect to grab from a supermarket and can easily be used to skin, dice up and chuck into a salad etc.

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